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Cut Your Learning Curve: Hack Your Brain to Learn Skills, Increase Your Potential, and Get The Life You Want

Feb 7, 2018

Some luck is earned through taking measured risks. When learning you'll need to cultivate chance in order to maximize results.

Feb 5, 2018

Sometimes we may be required to learn a skill for work or career. Sometimes it's something that doesn't interest us. What do we do?

Jan 31, 2018

Sandboxing is a tool used by developers to protect against critical failure. Having a space to play can be useful to you as well when learning a new skill.

Jan 29, 2018

Resistence is an excuse that prevents you from achieving your goals. In this episode we learn the difference between those who overcome resistence and those who don't. We also discuss the value of self-doubt.


Jan 24, 2018

Mindfulness meditation is a great tool for assessing where you are at in your learning process.