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Cut Your Learning Curve

Feb 1, 2021

In the Industrial Age of the19th and 20th century, the assembly line came to dominate manufacturing. The building of everything from ships to shoes was split among a line of workers, each completing a set of distinct tasks that were repeated, in order, all day long. 

The rise of the Information Age, and the nature of how software is developed, demanded a different approach. 

Hackathons, which were first developed around the year 2000, realize this new way of working. A group of coders, designers and marketers are sequestered in some kind of space, away from the distractions of daily living - laundry, cooking, sleeping and the like.  The team has a common goal to build a new project; work is shared among the group and then hours upon hours are dedicated to designing and coding free from interruptions. Working this way - in an organic, fluid manner in a shared time and space - can empower the individual and the team. It can lead to big creative breakthroughs. Plus, there’s pizza.